A brief note on The Loop's commitment to protecting guests at nightclubs, festivals and events.


A) Welfare: Our team of committed volunteers provide welfare support to those in need at a number of nightclubs including The Warehouse Project and Manchester's Albert Hall, as well as UK festivals including Parklife, and European festivals including Hideout, and Lost & Found. We work closely with on-site paramedics and security staff to help ensure customers are safe or looked after when in need. By utilising our knowledge of potential risk in the night time economy – including relating to alcohol and drugs - we can advise customers, promoters and events staff about how best to keep customers safe. We also conduct training in the development of in-house welfare services and prior to the re-opening of Fabric, our training of the Fabric management team led to them setting up their own dedicated in-house welfare team.

B) Harm Reduction. Our team of experienced professionals are on hand to provide credible, confidential and up to date harm reductionadvice and information regarding drugs, alcohol and sexual health. Our interventions are targeted at individuals through both the Loop’s drugs information stalls, such as quarterly at Fabric, and also as an integral part of our Multi Agency Safety Testing (below). We can also advise promoters and venues on ways in which to reduce drug and alcohol related harms and promote health and well being at events.

C) Brief Interventions: Our MAST project is about much more than just testing drugs and giving back the results. As part of the MAST feedback process The Loop’s team of experienced substance misuse practitioners ensure that individuals using the MAST service have the opportunity to consider their general drug use, drug use in the context of events, and where to access support for any problems they might be experiencing as a result of their drug use. This is part of an individually tailored brief intervention into which the drug safety testing results are embedded.