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The Loop delivers high quality interactive training in a number of areas. The courses are:

Multi-agency Safety Testing

This is a half day course for up to 20 people that covers the essential aspects of setting up and delivering a “front of house” forensic testing service for public safety at public events. The challenges and obstacles, as well as the benefits, of establishing a drug testing service for the public will be explored with the Loop’s Multi Agency Safety Testing (MAST) team.

This will include guidance on:

  • setting up protocols, procedures and memoranda of understanding;
  • liaising with relevant stakeholders;
  • overview of available testing technologies, considering cost and effectiveness;
  • discussion of the process a typical sample might go through;
  • undertaking the UK legal and policy context to ‘front of house’ testing;
  • practicalities and ethical considerations;
  • establishing links with regional, national and international testing networks.


Drugs Awareness

This is a half day course for up to twenty people which:

  • introduces delegates to definitions about what a drug is;
  • sets out the legislation on drugs and new psychoactive substances;
  • describes a model for understanding the range of drugs;
  • details their desired effects and the risks associated with their consumption.


Welfare Provision

This is a half day course for up to twenty people which looks at how those working in the night time economy can keep people safe at events. It:

  • examines the role of different staff groups in keeping people safe;
  • the types of issues that can be presented and how they should be dealt with;
  • the key considerations in setting up a welfare service.


Train the Trainer

This is a two day course for up to 10 people, which is delivered by two trainers. On day one two half day courses on drugs awareness, and the provision of a welfare service are delivered. Day two focuses on the delivery of training with the trainers covering important

issues such as:

  • aims and learning outcomes
  • the importance of learning styles and their impact in terms of training delivery
  • the range of training methods to support delivery
  • how to deal with “difficult” delegates.

In the afternoon of the second day delegates are supported to deliver a short session of their own with constructive verbal and written feedback from both trainers.


Accredited Training - Respond to Drug Use in the Night Time Economy

This is a one day course that offers participants the chance to gain 2 quality endorsed credits at level 3 for successful completion of the training and follow up independent study. The credits are quality endorsed by Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust through Open Awards. It is aimed at all those responsible for keeping people safe at events and covers a range of issues in relation to:

  • drug awareness
  • drugs legislation
  • the range of issues faced by staff organising and working in night time economy venues
  • exploring ways staff and management of venues can respond to drug related issues in the night time economy.


The Loop’s Trainers

The Loop’s trainers have a wide range of training experience. They hold relevant training qualifications and have front line understanding and experience in relation to drugs awareness and welfare provision.

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