Drug-related deaths in the UK are currently at record levels and nightclubs continue to close as a consequence. Ecstasy-related deaths have increased by a factor of 8 since 2010; cocaine-related deaths have tripled since 2011. Yet each new generation of young people start to experiment with drugs with limited knowledge of what they are taking or what they can do to reduce the risks of their drug use.

New technologies now exist to tackle these drug harms, educate young people who take drugs, and gain a greater understanding of substances in circulation. The Loop has successfully provided drug safety checking or ‘Multi Agency Safety Testing’ (MAST) as we call it, at music festivals for the last two summers and now we want to bring this service to city centres with brand new pop-up labs across the UK. 

The Loop receives no government funding or grants and has achieved what it has to date through the hard work, determination and commitment of our Directors, volunteers, advocates and supporters. We charge a small fee for our services in order to cover the running costs of the organisation. However, if we want to expand our operations to be able to offer MAST in more locations including city centres then we urgently need funds to do this.


5 Regional Hubs

Our #TimeToTest crowdfunding campaign will help us to purchase equipment to expand our pop-up labs to operate around the country in city centres, so we can deliver MAST to many more people.

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