[Mixmag] Meet The Woman Who Wants To Revolutionise The UK's Approach To Club Drugs

Fiona Measham is the Durham University professor at the heart of pushing UK drug policy into the 21st century. She’s the co-director of charity The Loop, an organisation which approaches drugs with a pragmatic outlook focusing on harm reduction and education. The charity's work and research promotes the safety of drug users, especially as the UK government continues to ignore the fact that recreational drug use is a very real part of our society.

As campaigns such as #CrushDabWait highlight, The Loop’s work exists to inform, not scaremonger, and the positive impact is already showing: it's become a trusted resource within the clubbing community and has potentially saved lives already. Through the testing Fiona does onsite at music events, The Loop is able to gather accurate and up-to-date information on substances and deliver tailor-made warnings when dangerous drugs are in circulation.

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