[Press Release] The Loop Thank Clubbing Pioneers Fabric for Supporting Our Work with Fabric Fund

The Loop would like to offer our warmest and heartfelt thanks to everyone at Fabric nightclub for choosing to support our work with the Fabric Fund.



It is appropriate, we think, that the money donated by fans of the club, of dance music, and of the vibrant clubbing culture that Fabric embodies, will go towards expanding our harm reduction efforts and making our night time venues safer.

The Loop is pleased to provide welfare and drugs awareness training to Fabric staff and periodic harm reduction information stalls, but our relationship with the club extends back far further that these. Our Director, Professor Fiona Measham, was the only expert witness working on all three licensing reviews, including a pivotal decision not to instate drug detection dogs on the doors in 2014, and the licensing cases in 2016 for which the Fabric Fund was raised.

We are honoured that Fabric values our harm reduction efforts so highly, congratulate them on their eighteenth birthday, and we look forward to many more years working together to reduce harm in the night time environment.

Prof Fiona Measham said:

"I am delighted that Fabric have chosen to support our work and mark the longstanding relationship that the club has with The Loop. This money will go towards expanding our harm reduction work at clubs and festivals, which includes harm reduction training, welfare support and provision, and our pioneering Multi Agency Safety Testing service."